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Wages and Benefits for Central South Carpenters

As a member of the Central South Carpeters Regional Council, you will earn competitive wages and collect excellent health and welfare benefits, including a retirement plan.

To make sure you are paid fairly for your skills, your wages, benefits and overtime pay are negotiated and set, so you know what you are earning every hour on the job.

Here’s the potential. It’s yours for the taking...

$200,000 Value of training apprentices receive at no cost to them, paid for from a fund that veteran carpenters support
$7.25 Current minimum wage per hour
$20 What most construction workers around here make per hour
$23-$29 What union carpenters earn per hour
$800 Average weekly wage for this region
$920-$1,160 Average weekly wage for union carpenters
$28,704 Average yearly wages for a first-year union carpenter apprentice
$43,056 Average yearly wages for a 4th year union carpenter apprentice
$47,840-$60,320 Average yearly wages for a journeyman union carpenter

Contractors pay health insurance and pension benefits for union carpenters. Union carpenters have protection under their collective bargaining agreements.

Wages & Benefits